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You can do hard things.

"You can't."

"You won't."

"You're not strong enough."

Do you also hear these words often? Sometimes all day long...

This week I have been struggling with that voice that tells me I can't do it and I'm not strong enough. That voice and those lies are always debilitating, leaving me feeling crippled inside as if I can't move, can't talk and can't think. That voice and those lies are from the accuser, the one who is only good at stealing and destroying.

Isn't this what 2020 has been like for many of us? It has felt like an onslaught of lies; a constant battle of overcoming hard things. Really hard things. All of us have had to face difficult decisions that we weren't anticipating. This year has been a demonstration of how to overcome - how to press through and allow God to refine our character and give us new dreams that were waiting to be birthed. This year has been about making necessary changes to an already established routine so that something fresh could come forth. This year has been a lot of letting go, cutting back and cleaning house.

As we enter into a new year, (wahoo!) I want to remind us that nothing is going to change unless our mindset changes. This is true for the new year as well as a typical day, like today, where we might be struggling to overcome the lies in our minds.

Reflect on this word and it’s definition:

INSANITY: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

Like I said, nothing is going to change about 2021 unless our mindset changes. We can’t be doing the exact same thing over and over while expecting a different result. That would be like continuously leaving out the flour to bake a cake and expecting the cake to come out just fine. Life will consistently prove to be challenging (If it gets easier, let me know!) However, if our mindset and focus comes from Jesus, I can assure you that our life here on earth will be marked by a peace that we cannot comprehend.

What do you want to see happen in 2021?

Do you want a better morning routine?

make a change.

Do you want to eat healthier?

don't have junk food in the house.

Do you want more energy?

make it a priority to exercise.

Do you want to grow in confidence?

do something that scares you.

Do you want to become more financially independent?

start that biz and pay down your debt.

Do you want deeper community?

invite people over to your home for a meal.

Do you want to be more generous?

give past your means.

Friend, 2020 did not break you. 2020 has been a marking point in your journey to show you that you can do hard things. You are capable of far more than you know! You are not a victim. You are an overcomer! Friend, you got this!


We are ready for you!


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