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Creating Natural Rhythms For Your Home

This past winter I was convicted that my husband and I needed to establish a Sabbath rest for our family. And by this I mean more than just Sunday, church, come home and hang out for the day. I felt a strong need to implement rhythms for our daily/weekly life that would lead to a more peaceful and restful weekend. All of these practical habits have taken time to change and grow into but I am proud of where we are and I pray that this blog helps you to see how you can be intentional about your Sabbath rest.

Saturday dinner is when our minds start the shift into a 24 hour period of time of intentional rest. I turn off my phone for 24 hours which means from Saturday evening to Sunday evening I am not looking at my phone. I have it tucked away in a drawer so it's out of sight.

Prior to Saturday evening...that's when the daily rhythms happen. I hate feeling scatter-brained and so I have naturally implemented my weekly house tasks in such a way that makes sense for me and our family.

SUNDAY P.M. - tidy up basement 100%

MONDAY - laundry day

clean all bed sheets

TUESDAY - extra cleaning jobs around the house (dusting etc)

WEDNESDAY - laundry

THURSDAY - meal plan for weekend and upcoming week

water plants

sweep basement steps

FRIDAY - place grocery order & pickup

pick up milk & eggs

clean bathroom

And of course, we have tasks that aren't listed but are a part of my weekly rhythm (chicken chores, gardening, cleaning off our porch, mowing)

*** I have made a rule for myself that I do absolutely no laundry and extra cleaning during that 24 hour period of rest. My main goal on Fridays is to ready our home for Sabbath rest which is why it is crucial for me to meal plan and get groceries on Friday so that the weekend isn't full of errands. These changes have radically changed our weekend as well as planning simple but delicious meals that require minimal cleanup on the weekend. (We also use paper plates and bowls on the weekend which is a game-changer!)

Now I want to hear about your rhythms!

What works for you and your family?


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