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What's on your face?

Have you ever been asked this question and felt like shriveling up into a ball? This question highlights the imperfections that we would all love to just disappear into thin air. As women, we are radically self-conscious about our appearance & whether or not we have the "perfect skin" that celebrities seem to have. And can I just help a sister out today and say NO ONE HAS PERFECT SKIN - not even those famous people. They have blemishes, acne and scars just like the rest of us. What's their trick? Photo shop. I think its amazing that technology can create a fa-sad of perfection. I can only speak for myself but I am exhausted from trying to be perfect.

My journey of finding the best products for my face began almost ten years ago. I was spending hundreds of dollars on the most expensive well-known products, all promising healthy clear skin. All promised. All failed. My acne hit a peak around my period with welt type pimples that took a week or two to heal completely. I was discouraged, to say the least. Then, a conversation began with a friend of mine that lead to me creating my own facial moisturizer.

It's been nearly 10 years of a facial care routine that has HEALED & RESTORED my skin!

I am all in when it comes to my routine and I will never change it. Why?

1. It doesn't break my wallet

2. Ingredients are 100% pure (I'll show you, keep reading...!)

3. No chemicals

4. My skin is wonderfully moisturized

The #1 game changer for me was making my own moisturizer. I control what's in it and therefore, I know that the ingredients will benefit my skin, not harm it.

1. Coconut Oil --> luxurious moisturizer, reduces inflammation, heals wounds, protects skin from harmful bacteria

2. Cocoa Butter --> hydrates & nourishes the skin, acts as a protective barrier to hold in

moisture, smothes scars & wrinkles

3. Beeswax --> high in Vitamin A which supports cell reconstruction, aids in healing of

wounds, creates a barrier between skin & environment without clogging pores

4. Lavender --> cleanses skin, lessens redness & irritation

5. Peppermint --> soothes, cools & freshens the skin, facilitates oil secretion which fights

against acne

6. Cedarwood --> reduces appearance of scars, heals minor wounds, soothes symptoms of eczema

7. Tea Tree --> calms redness, swelling & inflammation, prevents & reduces acne scars

I cannot wait to get this moisturizer into your hands and onto your beautiful self!

Visit today!


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