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What's next for Noble Living Co?

I thought it seemed fitting to close out this summer season with a glance into my dreams for Noble Living Co. Not only is fall soon upon us but our season as a family of four will soon begin.

First and foremost, our family is preparing for baby boy #2 who is coming anytime in the next month or so. (when he is good and ready!) We are so blessed to be able to welcome our little one soon while we are starting to mentally prepare for life being "upside down" for awhile. (By the way, when is life ever right side up after you become a parent? haha)

During the month of September I am wrapping up back-end work for the business as well as fulfilling orders. Blogging might continue but not at a consistent pace. Once baby boy is born, I am taking 30-40 days completely off from anything business related + social media related. Honestly, this might extend longer into the holidays. (however, I will still be fulfilling orders)

NEXT YEAR ---> 2023

My dreams for Noble Living Co. extend far past the skincare products we currently sell. My goal is to extend our product line to sell postpartum products such as a belly balm, sitz bath pouches and a perineal spray.

At some point next year, I would like to pursue my certification in pre-natal & post-natal fitness.

Along with this, expanding on the online fitness classes I have already taught for women and children.

It's exciting and awkward to finally reach the point of feeling the anticipation of a new season that is about to unfold. Some days I feel like I have my ducks in a row and other days, definitely not so much. I am journaling A LOT these days as it is my anchor to process with the Lord. I am allowing my body, mind and heart to slow down...and take in the view in front of me (whether that's legos and cars, our garden, the mountains, my family, or the messes that are made daily in our home)

For I believe the ground I stand on is holy ground because I know the Lord is in THIS PLACE.

Psalm 16:6

The land you have given me is a pleasant land. What a wonderful inheritance!

I'll talk to you all soon!


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