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The Freely Rooted Podcast

Friend, I have to share something with you. No, I literally HAVE TO share something with you. You know when you meet a friend for lunch and catch up on the past few months? Well, consider this our lunch date catching up while I share something with you that is changing my life and I pray it changes yours also.

I wrote a blog awhile back describing my healing journey with binge eating in my late teens/ early twenties. I thought that something was wrong with my body. I thought it was a spiritual issue. I thought that I would never be truly free from those days of binging on sugar. Well, the Lord did heal me from binge eating, with time. It took years, actually. I learned a great deal in the process with relying on Christ while also allowing Him to renew my mind. Here is the blog about my journey and I hope it encourages you:

I’ve been a dancer and athlete for many many years. I’ve completed half marathons and sprint triathlons. I’m a mover at the core. I believe with everything I have that we’ve been given our bodies to steward well and when we do, we are free to enjoy life more fully! I feel like I’ve been doing pretty darn’ good with my health – eating all the right foods and cutting out the “bad” food groups (like dairy). It wasn’t until recently (since giving birth to my son) that I started to evaluate my nutrition and pray about ways that I can change it in order to have more energy and less mental fog. Pregnancy, birth and postpartum take away so much nutrition from women as our bodies are working in overtime to grow our baby and sustain our baby. I don’t think most women understand the significance of the entire journey of bringing life into the world. It’s the ultimate athletic achievement, so to speak, and WE MUST NOURISH OUR BODIES!

I wish I knew…

During pregnancy and postpartum, I wish I knew what I know now. If I did, the past 20 months would have looked and FELT so different for me.

This is the part of our lunch get-together that I couldn’t wait to get to – that part when you or your friend is sharing something that has been so meaningful and an answer to prayer. This is the part that I hope is an answer to prayer for you also.

For nearly a week now, I’ve been learning all about metabolic restoration. (healing our metabolism by NOURISHING OUR BODIES with nutrient dense food throughout the day so that we don’t hit those “crashes” along with so many other symptoms. Our metabolism affects every system in our body and we have the power to heal and restore our metabolism!

I’ve been listening to a Podcast literally on repeat this week called “The Freely Rooted Podcast.”

It’s hosts are:

All I can say, friend, is go and listen. And then listen again. So many of my questions about where I've been in my health journey and where I want to go is in the information shared in this podcast. This is not a diet. This is not a short term fast. It's a complete lifestyle change. If you've been feeling the way I have, I can bet that this Podcast will be an answer to prayer for you as well!


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