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Sourdough MUST-MAKES + what's next for our family

For those of you who are lovers and makers of sourdough, I wanted to pass along some of my favorite recipes. I began my own sourdough starter a year and a half ago and it's been going strong ever since. Sourdough can seem intimating but truly, it is a simple process that just requires some TLC. I learned the beginnings of sourdough from the YouTube channel "Farmhouse on Boone." I also grabbed Lisa's free sourdough e-book HERE. Her recipes as well as a few others are me and my family's favorites and they fill our home with such a beautiful and warm aroma. I hope you enjoy them also!

Also, keep reading to find out what's next for our family!

Classic Sourdough Bread (with Rye flour)

For those of you who are accustomed to the usual measurements and process, here is a new favorite of mine from my good friend, Deb!

* 150g wheat flour

* 50g rye flour

* 400g all-purpose flour

* 400g bread flour

* 700g water

* 250g sourdough starter

* 25g salt

What's next for our family?

Friends, we have baby chicks arriving in a few months! We specifically ordered chicks that are well known for their egg production because unfortunately, we don't think the price of eggs will go down any time soon and we want to be able to bless others with eggs =)

We have basic knowledge of taking care of chickens but if you have any tips or tricks on the coop design or the raising of chickens, let me know! We are excited to move forward in a little bit more towards a simple homestead lifestyle. (who knows, maybe one day we will move to a piece of land and I'll have a dairy cow!) haha.

What are you planning this year for your home and family? Let me know!


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