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Postpartum Must Haves

Short & sweet for you new mama out there!

First of all, congratulations! There is nothing more wonderful & scary =) than carrying life within you; anxiously waiting for the arrival of your son or daughter.

8 months ago, our son was born and I was extremely thankful for the advice given to me about postpartum. Best advice: "It took 9 months to grow a baby so expect your body to take AT LEAST 9 months to heal from having a baby!"

Before I go into the things you should buy for postpartum, I just want to encourage you with this: There is no one who can mother your baby like you can. No one. Motherhood is full of a broad range of emotions from absolute wonder and joy to sadness and frustration (sometimes even anger). Give yourself grace. Don't expect perfection from yourself. Ask for help. Take time for you. will learn as you go! you're preparing, I want to give you the top items that I would NEVER go without in postpartum. Buy them ahead of time!


Make your own padsicles! --> link here!

(I made about 60 of them and used them all!)

Peri bottle --> absolutely 100% MUST HAVE!

From one mama to another,


Thanks for stopping by my blog and I pray it blessed you today!



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