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Allowing Time To Heal

A little over a month ago I had made a decision to prioritize processing some things after my son was in bed. My husband was out for a few hours so I had our home in complete quietness. I was determined to not waste the time watching TV or folding laundry. I wanted to sit. I wanted to give myself the space to process some things out with God. And much to my surprise, it wasn’t just a time to journal and pray but a time of truly releasing pain to the Lord I didn’t know was there…this time was everything I needed in just an hour and a half or so. There was a lightness in my heart that I hadn’t yet experienced and I knew God did something beyond my expectations because I made the space for Him.


I feel like there are two components of time that I want to address. The first one is the time that is marked by seconds, minutes, hours, days, months and years. It is the time that keeps going. We can never stop or slow down time.

The other component of time that I want to address is how we make time for the things in life that are most important to us. We can either fall prey to thinking that time rules us or we can decide that we rule the time we have been given.

All of us have been through pain. All of us have hurts. All of us have faced trauma in one way or another. And I believe wholeheartedly that God loves to bring healing after we have experienced pain. He is a Good Father whose heart aches when His children are hurting. He comes close to us in our deepest need and extends such amazing and wonderous grace.

I think we all could probably admit that we would rather healing happen quickly. The healing that extends past our comfort zone of time is not usually welcomed but it is needed. Healing depends on God and healing depends on us. God’s wisdom is so fast and broad…but I do know one thing from my years of walking with Jesus. The trials we face are purposed to bring us closer to Him. As time goes on, we learn how to overcome and we learn how to trust even more. As time goes on, God reveals hidden things to us that we once didn’t see. As time goes on, our hearts soften and we begin to heal as we seek Jesus.

As we seek Jesus…then there’s us. Our part. Just like I chose that night to sit in the quietness, we have to choose to give Jesus the time needed for us to heal. We can’t heal in full without time. It just doesn’t work. We have to surrender our hearts to the Lord – recognize that there is pain – give Jesus the space to heal – and then allow Him to heal.

And then once the healing occurs, you’ll know. Your heart will be lighter and your mind clearer. There may be a scar there still, but the pain will be covered in God’s rich love and grace. Because He truly is a Good Good Father.

Dear friend,

I am praying for you today. I know what it’s like to live in a cloud of pain and wondering if things will ever be different. I know what it’s like to wish that the pain would just disappear while also knowing that time really is the key to healing. I pray that you surrender to the Lord today, telling Him of your pain. I pray that you give Jesus the space to heal and then allow Him to. You are not alone. You are not abandoned. He is with you.


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