The nitty & gritty of starting a small business.

Ben and I are huge fans of shooting it straight. We won't sugar coat things just to make you feel good. We promise to give you an accurate view on what we have experienced in the first year and a half of starting a small business. Plus, we will share with you our dreams moving forward! If you want to start a small business, this is for you!

How did Noble Living Co. begin?

We started kind of haphazardly. We didn't type out a business plan. We weren't daily discussing how we could pursue our dreams. We knew that “one day” we would but didn’t have a straight path forward with how to do this.

Noble Living Co. really began with seeing a need and meeting that need. It began by offering a product that I, Hope, have been making and using myself for years. We took that product and gave samples out to family and friends.

We received great feedback.

We bought supplies.

We started selling the product.

That’s how we got started in all it’s simplicity. Nothing crazy fancy.

What has the past year and a half looked like for us?

It has required us to take a lot of risks (from investing our own personal finances to putting ourselves out there without being noticed)

It has required us to slow down and build the foundation of our business (not be so concerned with the external look of our business)

It has required us to do a lot of research - to plan and execute with professionalism as our top priority.

It has required us to remain humble (be open to criticism), to learn as we go and to seek advice from friends and customers.

What are we currently working on?

This year, we have hit the ground running in establishing ourselves as a health and wellness business. We are aiming to connect with more local boutiques. We are adding professionalism to our product by creating new labels, shrink wrapping our products, upgrading our website features and creating practical content that will encourage all readers.

Our biggest news, to date, is the filming and selling of our Total Body Ballet workout program! More news to come about this =)

What is our advice for someone looking to start a small business?

- Ask yourself, "What is the current need and how can I meet that need?"

- Create a product that will add value to someone's life

- Make your cust