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The Best Healthy Snacks

Just recently I've been doing an overhaul on our family snacks because, let's face it, it's easy to grab something "quick" but doesn't provide energy enriching nutrients. I wanted to come up with a list of snack ideas that we can put on our refrigerator or cupboard. So, go ahead and do it too! I promise you - as long as you keep these food items on your grocery list, you will have plenty of snacks to choose from on a daily basis. All day everyday!

* Fresh fruit with granola + yogurt

* Carrots with any type of nut butter

* Celery with any type of nut butter

* Smoothie

* Rice cake with any type of nut butter

* Nuts / Seeds

* Crackers + hummus

* Chia pudding

* Apple + Peanut Butter

* Hard boiled egg

* Granola power bites

* Avocado with cucumber



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