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Taking The Social Media Break You Need

“Yeah, I really need to take a break…”

We all say it and we all have the best intentions but how many of us give ourselves the time needed? I’ve spent the past two weeks without the IG app on my phone while occasionally popping on through my computer. It’s been > so needed. And it was also hard to pull away.

The social media apps have a hidden agenda to keep us addicted – to keep us coming back for more affirmation, more engagement and more drama. And unless we are aware of our mindset while using the apps, we can easily become prey to them. (myself included)

Through my experience the past few weeks, I wanted to share a few things with you that will help you with social media and/or give yourself that break.

How do we guard our hearts?

1. Know the reason WHY you are on the app (IG, FB, Pinterest) WHY determines your actions. If you are on the app aimlessly scrolling, your WHY can redirect you at any given moment.

2. Unfollow accounts that are bringing a lot of negativity into your everyday. There is no shame in saying, “I just can’t have this account in my feed. It is disrupting my peace.” Be intentional about setting needed boundaries in your life and you will thank yourself for it later =)

3. Remember that social media is a way for individuals to express their opinions. And that’s an amazing part about it! When we open the apps, just remind yourself to not take offense & to hold everything with a grain of salt. Everyone has a right to share their opinions, including you!

How do we take a break when needed?

1. The first step is recognizing that you need a break because your daily peace is being compromised. Maybe you say it out loud or maybe you just delete the app all of a sudden…

2. Give yourself an amount of time for your break (maybe you need one day, one week or TBD) Giving yourself a time will help you focus on your overall reason of stepping back.

3. If you need to check messages once a day or every few days, do it. Don’t pigeon hold yourself into a rule that you can’t check possible important messages coming in.

And lastly, whenever I’ve pulled away, I’ve never regretted it. What about you? =)

When we take the break we need, we are telling ourselves that our mental and emotional state is worth it.

It never ceases to amaze me what happens when I delete my IG app. It’s liberating. It creates extra space in my mind that I needed. It brings back mental clarity that I was longing for. And most importantly, for me, it allows God to speak to me in a fresh way…

Let me just remind you.

You’re worth it.

Take the break you need.

You won’t regret it.

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