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Sprouted Seeds

So...sprouted seeds. What are they and what do you do with them?

Sprouting is the process of seeds and legumes being soaked and germinated. In this process, the outer layer opens, causing a young shoot to blossom.

Friends, welcome to the world of growing your own food in your kitchen!

I am definitely new to growing sprouts but I absolutely love the outcome of having a quick nutrient dense option for breakfast, lunch or dinner. You can sprout just about anything in the seeds and legumes category (above is my power protein mix) and it takes just around 4-5 days to have sprouts ready to eat!

How do you grow them?

It's simple! Over the course of 4-5 days (depending on the seed), you will soak, rinse and drain your seeds. Repeat. And as you can see, using a mason jar with a sprouting lid or cheesecloth on top will work just fine.

How do you eat them?

I'm on a kick right now of eating them on a breakfast sandwich or in my salads. It's my goal to look up other yummy recipes!

Where do you purchase your seeds and legumes?

I went all out awhile ago and bought several bags of various options to have on hand. Definitely worth it!

Maybe this is something you'd like to try if you do or do not have a garden at home. Either way, have fun growing something new and keep it simple!



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