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Simple, Natural Pregnancy w/Baby #2

Friends, I am all about simple! I truly believe that life is meant to be lived to the fullest and one of the ways we can do this is to simplify every area of our lives. (slowly, of course)

Pregnancy is no different.

Now, hear me out - this blog is geared towards women who are not facing complications of any kind during their pregnancy. However, I do believe that there is still some sort of simplicity each of us can prioritize regardless of what our pregnancy looks like.

Here are my top tips for having a simple, natural pregnancy as I am currently 26 weeks with our second baby boy.

  1. Don't just take a pre-natal because you're asked about it at your OB appointments.

I took a pre-natal with my firstborn because I thought that's what you're supposed to do. I'm not against pre-natals but I am for whole nutrient dense foods MORE SO. This time around, I said no thank you to the pre-natal and yes to eating nutrient packed foods that baby and I could flourish off of.

2. Know the difference between folic acid & folate.

You will hear often, "Make sure you're getting enough folic acid for baby's development." I have a secret for you: folic acid is the synthetic version of folate (which is key for baby's brain and spine development) Folate can be found in dark green leafy vegetables, nuts, lemons, oranges, bananas, strawberries and melons.

3. Fight the nausea with lemon water.

Both of my pregnancies were marked by all the nausea during the first 14 weeks or so. With my firstborn, my go to was ginger ale. With this little one I am currently carrying, my go to was lemon water and TONS of it! Plus with all those lemons, I got the wonderfulness of folate =)

4. I don't own a scale.

Seeing my weight change with this little one hasn't been nearly as difficult. First of all, I don't own a scale. The number isn't important to me. If I know I am eating whole foods, exercising, resting when needed, treating myself with kindness and having a healthy mindset, then me and baby are good. I don't need a certain number on the scale to tell me if I am having a healthy pregnancy or not.

I cannot recommend this workout program enough to all mamas expecting. This is Ashley Keller's FREE program available to all moms who are pregnant and it is amazing! She created a click and go calendar starting at Week 8 and goes all the way to Week 32 of pregnancy. Click on the link above to access your FREE program!

This tea is amazing for the pregnant mama who is in her second/third trimester. It strengthens her uterus and promotes a healthier labor and postpartum recovery. I've been enjoying it iced for weeks now!

6. All of my essentials during this pregnancy:

All of my essentials during this pregnancy include: intuitive eating, sunshine, exercise, foam rolling (I get severe restless legs), stretching, laying down when needed, belly band, purchasing new clothes and Wise Ways Belly Balm =)

Do you have any simple pregnancy essentials for yourself?

Stay tuned!

I'll be sharing all about my simple postpartum prep as we get closer to baby boy's arrival!


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