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Overnight Oats

Mamas or anyone out there who needs a grab-and-go breakfast!

Overnight oats has become my must. I actually crave it in the early morning hours when my stomach is rumbling and I am feeding Jedidiah. Plus, on the days when my husband works out in the field, this mason jar packs me full of energy.

I won't keep you long today but wanted to pass off this recipe & a few other overnight ideas.

You will need:


Greek Yogurt


Flax Seeds

Chia Seeds

Nuts (crushed walnuts or almonds)

Fruit (Blueberries/Strawberries)

Chocolate Chips

How to:

Mix together equal parts oats + greek yogurt.

Add a dash of cinnamon, flax seeds and chia seeds.

Mix well.

Grab your mason jar!

Layer oats + your choice of fruit + nuts (optional) + chocolate chips (optional)

Store in refrigerator overnight.

Add your milk in the mason jar in the morning.

Have an awesome day!


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