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The adventure of doing something new is exhilarating to me! What about you? Do you enjoy changing the pace, getting outside your comfort zone and starting a new rhythm?

Well...for this weeks blog, I went down a completely different path & I am crossing my fingers hoping that you are stoked just as much as I am!

FUN FACT: I love morning time 🙂 (especially Saturday a.m. when the alarm doesn‘t beckon my name) I savor the beauty of mornings and the unrelenting truth that the mercies of God are new with every sunrise.

What do you enjoy most about the morning?’s my little gift to you.

I have created a 10-20 minute video of exercises you can do in the morning (or whenever) to wake you up & get that body of yours ready for the day! Thank you for taking some precious time out of your day to read Noble Living!




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