How to find your husband.

Just like it was yesterday, I remember so vividly the comments said to me over nearly a decade about how to find my husband. I also remember the constant dialogue I had with myself about this intense longing, wondering if I was doing enough to put myself "out there." My peace and joy in singleness ebbed and flowed. Many times I struggled with anxiety, not knowing if God would ever answer this prayer of mine. Over time, my thoughts shifted, my attitude changed and God began doing something in me that prepared my heart for meeting my husband.

Ladies, let me warn you. This is not a typical "how to" blog. I don't have a magic formula that will lead you to your husband. All I have is my own life experience and I sincerely pray that it encourages you today.

To all the women out there reading this... at least the ones that desire to be married:

I just want to free your heart by speaking this over you:

You don't need to search anymore.

My quest to be married often overshadowed what I knew God was trying to do in me during my single years. My quest to be married was just that. A quest. I wanted so badly to be hold that "title" that eventually, at age 24, I sacrificed what I really wanted in a husband. I found myself heartbroken over a dating / engagement relationship that proved to be far from healthy. Suddenly my dream of being married came crumbling down (thank God!) and I was faced with all my discontentment.

And let's just talk about discontentment for a second.

Is it possible to be content in singleness?

Is it possible when the longing to be married is so intense that it feels as if your heart will break some days?

Yes. It is.

I don't say this lightly because I understand.

I really do.

It was at the poin