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How I'm preparing for labor & delivery.

Hey friend!

I recently shared in my previous blogs about my postpartum journey with my first and how much is changing so that I have a different experience with my second. But now, I'd like to take this week and share how I am preparing my mind and body for labor.

I believe so deeply that women need to prepare for labor and delivery. And I say this with a grain of salt because with the preparation WILL COME the unexpected. Like I said last week, it's a part of life. However, there are many things we can do to prepare our mind and body for the most strenuous marathon we will ever enter into.

After my son was born 2 years ago, I'll never forget what my midwife and nurses said to me. They said, "Many women come knowing what type of labor and delivery they would like to have but they have done no preparation to actually achieve what they desire." This will always be highlighted in my memory bank - always.

For me, I had no desire to be induced with my first son. However, I reached 42 weeks and there was no action. But I also knew I didn't want Pitocin. I was very clear about wanting a different induction medicine. I wanted to be able to handle my contractions as they came. I did not want to need an epidural. I wanted to have total freedom in my movement. I had a third degree tear with my son that made healing very difficult on my body. (this is one of those unexpected parts I couldn't have prevented) My labor and delivery experience was incredibly empowering and the things I implemented the first time are the same things I'm implementing the second time. (read below)

1. I am writing down empowering words / sentences / scriptures that I will hang in our hospital room when we arrive

(This may seem incredibly simple but I am telling you, friend, this was SO needed. I cannot tell you how many times I would be walking around and I would just stare and repeat the words I had hung on the walls)

2. Make a playlist of music that will be life giving to me while going through every contraction

(My husband played our playlist THE ENTIRE 12 hours in our hospital room and the Lord used every song I put on it to help keep me going)

3. Movement / stretching is an absolute must during my pregnancy

(Exercise during pregnancy is vital to keeping the body limber and strong because trust me, labor and delivery is the ultimate workout!)

4. I am practicing using my breath at all points during my day (esp. needed when having a toddler. haha)

(Knowing how to control my breath is essential for labor and delivery so as to not go into "freak out mode." Deep breaths will provide more oxygen to my body as I ride every wave of discomfort - providing more space for my baby)

5. I am bringing nutrient dense snacks that will fuel my body during / after labor when I want them

(raw honey, bone broth, applesauce, clean protein rich granola bars / muffins, adrenal cocktail makings, sourdough bread, peanut butter, raw milk)

6. I am doing all my simple postpartum prep BEFOREHAND so that when we get home, everything is ready to go as far as what I need for my body

(homemade padsicles, postpartum basket in bathroom, throw away underwear for those first few weeks, belly binding cloth, ice packs for "down there", heat pack for belly, sitz bath pouches)

If you found this blog to be insightful and helpful, pass along to another mama friend!

And I'd love to hear how you prepared for labor and delivery!

~Hope Noble


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