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How do we soar in motherhood?

You could say I’ve been on a quest to discover this question. Like I mentioned in last week’s blog, I’m only 18 months into motherhood and my soul has been longing to know how to soar in this new season. I’m no where near having the answers. Trust me on this =) But I am so eager to learn and so eager to implement necessary changes. Now if you’re reading this and a mother of multiple children, please know that I look up to you and I know that soaring looks different for each of us depending on our own unique circumstances.

How would you define the word “soar?” The dictionary defines it as:

To fly upward, like a bird

To glide along at a height

To rise or ascend to a height

These definitions are so beautiful and powerful. They are hope-filled and inspiring.


Up until a few months ago, a felt defeated a lot as a mother. There were many moments in the beginning of my son’s life that I’m not proud of. I lost my cool more often than I care to say. I was on high stress (like many postpartum moms) and couldn’t find a way to internally rest. Any type of mess would majorly disturb my peace. I felt like I couldn’t get anything done (which is normal, too). I was trying so hard to get everything right and perfect…and it just was wreaking havoc on my heart and mind.

So, what changed?

God “woke me up” a few months ago and started to heal a lot of negative thoughts. He started bringing to light that defeated mindset that always found me and wanted to hold me hostage. He saw me in my messiness and knew what I needed before I ever could vocalize it.

So, it brings us back to my first question:

How do we soar in motherhood?

How do our days start to become a blessing instead of a burden?

How do we approach our days with thankfulness instead of discontent?

How do we handle the difficult moments and seasons that seem to last forever?

What if we started off by saying, “God, this season or this circumstance is so hard. I don’t like walking through this but I want to grow and become a healthier woman because of it.”

I really believe this is the first step. I wish I spoke those words to the Lord a lot sooner than I did. Maybe you do too. However, I know that there is also SO MUCH GRACE for you and I. SO MUCH GRACE.

Our acknowledgement to where we are and where we want to be is the beginning to soaring.

With that, I want to give you some good practical advice as we all discover what it means to soar, not survive, in motherhood.

1. Think and pray about a vision for your motherhood journey. What is it that you REALLY want motherhood to look like for you? How would you describe it? Having a vision is so key to breaking through those difficult places because it gives us focus when the going gets tough. It give us a foundation to come back to when chaos ensues. It gives us purpose in the everyday routines. Once you have your vision, write it down and place it where you will see it everyday.

2. Consider placing strict boundaries on social media time. Social media is a blessing, in one regard, but I am a firm believer that it does more harm than good and ALL OF US could benefit from taking a step back. Motherhood + social media is (at times) quick sand for those of us who struggle with comparison. We already feel defeated in motherhood a lot and then we add in scrolling through other’s photos and it’s kind of a recipe for mental disaster. Challenge: take a week or two off of social media completely and watch the natural change happen in your ability to be more present with your children.

3. This point might seems obvious but I think it’s important to emphasize it -> you’re NOT stuck. If you don’t like something about your daily or weekly routine + habits, YOU CAN CHANGE THEM AT ANY MOMENT! Our children are adaptable =) Be free to change something that’s just not working. You don’t have to remain stuck and frustrated.

4. Do your best to plan out your week ahead of time. I feel like this one, too, is obvious but I know that for me, I need balance or I burn out. I need to actually plan out my day with my son so that I don’t find myself frozen in time not knowing what the day will bring. I need to plan times to refresh myself (whether that’s getting together with a friend, going for a walk, doing an art project or having a “spa” night for myself)

5. Welcome the difficult moments. Simple hard truth. None of us want to walk through hardship of any kind - in motherhood or any other area. Hardship looks different for each of us...and that's okay. Our heart posture in that season matters, a lot. Our internal growth depends on our heart posture before God. We can either grow bitter or we can become more thankful and content women who are hungry for the presence of God. Allow your children to see the tears. Allow them to see you pray and worship in the midst of it. They don't need to see perfection. They need to see you seek after Jesus' presence.

I'm sure there's much more I could write but I wanted to give you just enough to think about and pray through. Friend, like I said, I'm a baby when it comes to being a mother but I am convinced that God wants me and you to soar --> "to soar on wings like eagles (in our motherhood journey) run and not grow weary and to walk and not be faint." I pray that today brings you hope and light in all the weary places. I pray that refreshment comes quickly and needed healing is a balm to your soul.

You were made to soar.


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