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Real Life Mamas: Elizabeth Petters

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself! Where you’re from...what your

passion is...favorite food...memorable place traveled to...and your

enneagram # (if you know it!)

My name is Elizabeth but everyone calls me Lizz. Don’t ask why the two “z’s” I’ve spelled it that way since 6th grade! I was born in Boston MA, but lived outside Philadelphia, PA for most of my life. Now I am living just

outside of Harrisburg, PA with my husband of 5 years, our 2 year old girl and 4 month old boy. I am a creative at heart and love decorating and redecorating my space, writing, reading, acting, and singing. My go-to

stress relieving activity is running or some other form of intense exercise. I love a good pizza and a good ice cream cone. I’ve traveled quite a bit, but one of my favorite places was Costa Rica-the change in landscape across the country is mesmerizing and the pace is slow and steady.

2. What sets your soul on fire? The kind of fire that makes you feel completely alive?

I am passionate about helping others-specifically women and young girls work through deep anxiety and trauma without shame and learning to have compassion for themselves- I also love to sit and talk with

people who are unsure of their faith and battling through questions and uncertainties, I believe we need more space for honest conversation about God, our relationship to our faith, how knowing and loving ourselves actually accentuates our faith.

3. What have you been learning about living life to the fullest?

Recently, I have been learning that living life to the fullest often means doing LESS - which sounds counterintuitive, but has actually proven to be so true. I try to say yes only to the things I feel at peace with doing. I make my decisions about what fills my life based on where I feel God is asking me be, and sometimes that means saying no to helping someone else or contributing to a church event. It’s hard sometimes to say no to a good cause, but I am learning that when I honor my own needs, the rest falls into place. This doesn’t necessarily mean that I don’t do hard things, but just that I resist the

urge to fill roles just because I feel that I need to.

4. What decisions have you made in your life to more fully receive God’s best for yourself?

About 8 years ago, I made the decision to really explore who I am. I was feeling called to a deeper relationship with my Creator and felt a pull to finding that through my relationship with myself. Over the years I have tried to be

intentional about my own healing through counseling, conversation with people I trust, and challenging myself to face my fears and step into my gifts. I can’t speak enough to the beauty of getting to know myself. Through this process I have been able to better see God’s goodness and plan for my life as I’ve tapped into everything I was created to be.

5. What is your advice to anyone asking the question, “How can I live with more purpose and intention?”

Take some time to be still. We live in a culture that glorifies business, hustle, and achievement. Take some time to sit in less, to really explore who you are without the distraction of outward approval. Ask yourself the question, “What if I am never noticed or affirmed by any other human person?” How does that feel? Where are the areas of your life that you would push forward in if it didn’t matter what other people think?

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