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Do I have what it takes?

Do you ever question whether or not you’re really equipped for a new season? As if you’re standing on the mountain, looking out over the land beneath and thinking, “Do I have what I takes?”

Do I have what it takes to enter into this new place?

Do I have what it takes to conquer new responsibilities or new mindsets or new strategies or new discoveries about life / myself?

On Sunday morning, I had a good hour to journal out my thoughts to the Lord. And I challenged myself with this question: What’s in my heart?

Have you ever felt the beating of your soul; and the absolute need to write down what’s going on within? This happens to me often but rarely do I have a good chunk of time or energy to divulge myself with pen and paper. But this time was good. Freeing. I didn’t try to control what I wrote down - I just allowed my soul the room to express. (without the distraction of noise including music and my phone)

I am slowly realizing the BIG changes me and my husband are about to walk through with the arrival of our son in June. I am slowly pondering the significance of what a gift it is to raise a new generation. I am slowly realizing that I stand on the cusp of so much new (like that mountaintop view I explained above). I am slowly realizing that in becoming a mother, I will never be the same again, in the best possible way.

Truth be told:

I am thrilled!

And I am also terrified.

My heart is ready.

My heart doesn’t feel equipped.

And the question lingers:

Do I have what it takes?

Moms, can you relate?

On Sunday morning, I was gravely convicted by the Holy Spirit with how much negative self-talk I do. I didn’t even realize it until the stillness with God brought it forth. Doubt in our identity as daughters of God will rob us of living life to the very fullest. So, if God’s Word tells me that I am His Beloved and I will run and not grow weary - than this is the truth I cling to. If God’s Word tells me that He is faithful and He will do (it), then I will walk forward in trust. If God’s Word tells me to be still and know He is God, than being still will become my very breath. If God’s Word tells me that He has equipped me to complete the mission He has for my life, then I will walk forward in joyful obedience. And if God’s Word tells me He will renew my youth like an eagle, then I will keep my gaze straight ahead and let my heart be filled with new dreams.

We have what it takes.

Because of Jesus, only.

He is the One we draw ever closer to in EVERY SEASON.

So...4.5 months away from a brand new adventure that will forever wreck my world 💙4.5 months away from staying at home with our baby & building family life - the three of us. 4.5 months away from entering into a new land with my husband that is guaranteed to grow us in ways we never expected. And this adventure will be GREAT! - greater than any physical land we ever traveled to. It is the land of settling into family and home. It is the land of sacrifice. It is the land of nurturing. It is the land of showing our children the love of God in tangible ways, to the best of our ability.

Do we have what it takes?


Because the Lord has called us to this place. And we will rely on Him for everything we need.

And you will too.

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yes!! so true! Through Christ, we can do ALL things and through Him we are MORE than CONQUERORS!

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