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Cloth Diapering & Bed-Sharing

Ok. Call me CRAZY but two things I am doing very differently this time around are cloth diapering and bed-sharing/co-sleeping. These are two things that I said I would “NEVER” do’s true, never say never.


I literally was one of those Moms who judged other Moms for cloth diapering (just being honest) and now, I'll become a cloth diapering mama for our second son. I have no idea what I’m doing other than tips and tricks passed onto me through friends and YouTube videos. So, if you’re a cloth diapering mama, I have all the respect for you and I need your expert advice. Pass it along!

Why am I switching to cloth diapers?

For us, it’s primarily to save money and in this season of our lives, I am okay with a little bit of extra work to be more mindful of our budget. However, I do also like knowing that cloth diapers just feel better on baby’s skin =)

What kind of cloth diapers do I have?

My sister in law was so generous in giving me all of hers but I do need newborn diapers and inserts ---> LINK HERE FOR THE ONES OFF AMAZON.

What videos have I watched to learn about cloth diapering?

Lisa from Farmhouse on Boone (love her channel!)


This is a hot topic (I guess) and I know I don’t need to share what we’re doing this time around but honestly, I’d love to get other mamas feedback who also bed-share with their baby. Botton line, I need this area to be different with our second son and that’s enough indication to me that my “mama intuition” is on track. There was too much anxiety and disconnect with how I navigated sleep and nursing with my first son that I am 100% certain things MUST BE different this time. I am stepping into newborn life with my heart open just wanting closeness with my baby and more ease with sleep/nursing. I'm not looking to follow the "rules" or what others tell me I should or should not do. I am following my mama intuitiveness.

When I started to pray about what needed to change, a new episode popped up in one of my favorite podcasts ---> Freely Rooted Podcast (THIS EPISODE) It was by far everything I needed to hear. Without a doubt. Highly highly recommend giving it a listen.

This lead me on a journey of talking and praying with my husband. Researching. Watching a few YouTube videos on safe bed-sharing. Borrowing my friends dockatot & getting a bed gate.

Do you bed-share/co-sleep?

What has been your story? I'd love to hear, mama!

That's it for now this week! Thank you for taking the time to read and respond!


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