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Christ is all.

The reality of where we are today is, quite honestly, like a deer facing headlights. Every American from coast to coast is feeling the impact of the past week & the unknown of tomorrow. Every person around the globe is feeling some type of loss. We are very much in a vulnerable place as a human race and there's no escaping it. I believe there is a strong understanding among everyone that we are all in this together. How very true this is.

In times like these, I am ever more increasingly thankful for my faith. When all is spiraling out of control, Christ is enough...what He accomplished on the cross is enough.

I'm finding myself needing to command my soul to know the Truth evermore. I don't know about you, but I have vacillated between anxiousness & peace every single day in different degrees. Once again, the uncertainty of each day is the reality we face. All plans have gone out the window, for now. All sureties have been put on hold, for now. The practicalities of how we are living life are becoming more questions than answers. This is our everyday right now. However...isn't this our everyday regardless? That's the root question I want to target in my own heart.

Philippians 1:21

For to me, to live is Christ, and to die is gain.

We all "know" that even in our plans, God can take over & have His way.

As followers of Christ, we "know" that His ways are better than our own.

And we "know" Christ is all we need.

But do we really know?

Do I really know Christ is all?

Do I really know that this earth is not my home? In the face of loosing everything my hands have built, would I still know that Christ is all that matters? When all is going well, I praise my Father in thanksgiving. When all is not going well, I ask the "why" question every time. There seems to be a gap in our souls when it comes to enduring and suffering for the sake of Christ. We are called to suffer, dear brothers & sisters. We suffer with Christ so that we also share in His glory. (Romans 8:17) There is a sweetness that is birthed in the midst of hardship: it is called humility. Hardship reminds us that we really are not in control. Hardship reminds us that Christ is our Anchor when everything else is destroyed in the waves. Hardship reminds us what a gift it is to simply be alive.

My sister, Naomi, got a tattoo a number of years ago that marks her arm with these three words: CHRIST IS ALL. Below is her reasoning behind this tattoo and I pray it encourages you today with whatever you are facing.

"After a season of healing and pressing into internal transformation - my tattoo -

CHRIST IS ALL reminds me daily that in the end - all that matters, all that is of substance + eternal, is encompassed in Jesus Christ. And that in Him we ALL are invited to find HOME, our place of security, identity, family, and purpose."


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