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Awakening The Mother Within

Pregnancy is the most natural beautiful occurrence in a woman's body so why is it treated like a medical condition? Why are women given so much advice about how to take care of their body while carrying life?

Isn't it time to come back to a more intuitive healthy approach to pregnancy and motherhood?

Isn't it time to awaken the mother within?

** Okay. First, I need to put a disclaimer to this blog by saying that I believe medicine has a time and a place. I believe that there are circumstances beyond one's control that would require intervention. I believe that advice/wisdom is needed. I believe that mothers need the support of other mothers. This blog post is in no way denying these realities. I am simply coming to you with a perspective that I pray brings more peace and encouragement.

God has created women to carry and birth LIFE.

Is that our only purpose? No, of course not.

But it is a tremendous irreplaceable gift and my heart grieves with those who have desired to carry life but have not been able to...I am deeply sorry.

If there is anything I have learned in these short two years of being a mother, it is this:

God has gifted me with intuition.

He has given me a discernment that only comes with being a mother.

There have been plenty of times I didn't realize this and turned to Google or friends. And although those were sometimes helpful, I think it caused me more stress than anything else because I wasn't leaning into my own intuitiveness. And this discernment is learned with time...with experiences...and through prayer...

Now, I want to talk specifically about pregnancy. And for those first time mamas out there, this is definitely for you!

What am I talking about when I say "mom intuition" during pregnancy?

I am talking about knowing what you and your baby need.

This applies to everything from physical needs to emotional needs to spiritual needs.

A mother is born long before the day baby is born into the world. A mother is born the moment a baby is conceived and as soon as that positive pregnancy test shows itself, something happens within every woman - so many emotions too numerous to list here...

It is at this moment that I believe our "mama intuitiveness" is born. This is something I didn't really understand with my firstborn.

Mamas, I'm going to ask you a few questions to probe answers that you may be searching for.

  1. How would you describe the pregnancy you desire?

  2. What things may you have to let go off to have this kind of pregnancy?

  3. Do you believe that you have intuition to know what you and baby need?

  4. Is it worth it to you to follow that intuition?

I'm just going to shoot it to you straight, mama.

Pregnancy and motherhood will come with a million opinions from family, friends, strangers and medical professionals. There will be opinions on everything from what foods to eat, not eat, your birth plan, co-sleeping/bed sharing, vaccines, how to feed your baby, clothing for your baby, pacifiers, sleep training...the list literally goes on and on...and besides some of the obvious answers to these topics, YOU HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO MAKE THE BEST DECISION FOR YOU & YOUR BABY!

In other words, trust your instinct.

It's there for a reason because of the child God has given you to nurture, to protect and to love.

Your baby doesn't need a different mother's opinion based on her experience.

Your baby needs YOU, mama, and all that you have to give.

And when you follow your instinct, the mama within you will continuously be awakened. Over and over again!

I pray this encourages you deeply.


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