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Are you in a season of quietness?

Here’s the honest to goodness truth. Ever since Jedidiah was born, I can barely think enough to muster up some creativity for this blog. For weeks I’ve been sorting through my laundry list of ideas but every single time I’ve sat down to write, I’m either interrupted or I’m too exhausted to even start typing. This is motherhood. I’m right in the middle of living life to the fullest. It’s messy. It’s emotional. It’s beautiful. It’s simple. It’s wonderful.

A few weeks ago, I was reflecting on the fact that God always uses the external circumstances in our life to build our character. He’s after the inner most part of our being. He doesn’t want a show. He doesn’t want our pretty square pictures on social media. He doesn’t care about how many likes or followers we have. He doesn’t care about how many comments there are on posts. He just wants us.

He wants me.

He wants you.

To come as we are.

I don’t know where this blog is headed in the coming months or years. There are so many dreams in my soul but this season of my life is way different than any other. I’m unsure of what to pursue right now. But maybe the direction God wants to take me down (and you) is being creative with what is right in front of us.

I’ve been a dancer / teacher / choreographer for what feels like forever. For those of you who are artists, you understand completely what I’m about to say. We go through seasons of massive creativity and seasons of dryness. Those seasons of quietness can feel purposeless. But they are almost always the ones that have the most significance. The creativity is brewing and new ideas are being birthed in the light of stillness.

I guess this is where I am today. Maybe you are too.

Today my prayer is that we don’t forget how beautiful seasons of quietness are. We desperately need them. We need them to awaken our hearts to thankfulness. We need them to teach us contentment. We need them to build deeper convictions.

We need them to become more like Christ.

So, if you’re in a season like me, just know that you’re not alone. Be intentional with where you are and draw your creativity from what’s right in front of you. There’s so much more to who God created you to be and He longs to reveal Himself to you in this season.


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