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Sunday evening arrives...

and the beginning of the week seems absolutely daunting.

For reals.

Do you feel the same?

This past Sunday evening, I sat in our living room with tears rolling down my cheeks knowing that the alarm would sound in a few short hours. The anticipation of Monday morning was a waterfall of anxiety. I wish I could tell you that I prayed, read my bible and then {ALL} was well within my soul but that wasn't the case. I did pray. I did read my bible. I wrote out my thoughts. And I did go to sleep with that nervous tension...not knowing how I would do with the longest day out of my week.

You know the drill.

The alarm goes off telling us "It's time to get going and re-enter into chaos."

My body, mind and heart are saying, "Not quite yet...please...please don't make me!"

No. Legit. That's me. (even though I am a morning person)

My anxiety stems from anticipating chaos before I have control over it.

My need for perfection comes from knowing that there is a different way to live life but not knowing how to grasp it so I bank on controlling my external while learning how to surrender the internal.

Right now, How would you define "living life to the fullest?"

I can tell you this. It is NOT avoiding the messiness. It is NOT avoiding chaos. It is NOT avoiding struggles. It is NOT having the perfect circumstances.

Living life to the fullest means waking up with nervous tension but CHOOSING to walk into the day with courage. It means embracing the messiness of your home without guilt. It means understanding your limitations and voicing them. It means embracing the fact that you're human and are daily surrendering your struggles. It means being present where you are. It means giving yourself the freedom to be without the comparison lies that plague your every thought. It means walking into new situations with arms wide open to the adventures that are awaiting you.

What if our anxieties are a part of learning how to live life to the fullest?

What if our anxieties are a hidden blessing that can draw us closer to the heart of God?

And what is the heart of God?

John 10:10 "I have come that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance."

Trust me, I haven't even come close to working through anxiety that cripples me at times. However, I have one practical tool that I pray helps you on your journey:

Anxiety stems from something. It's the ability to identify that something(s) that will begin your process of freedom. Ask the Lord where it all began...maybe it was a traumatic situation. Maybe it began with words spoken over you. Maybe it began with a broken relationship. Maybe it began with massive fears of the unknown.

Talk it out with God & someone you trust.

Write down your thoughts & highlight the words that stand out to you.


Do something that will make you smile and laugh!


If you have a story on overcoming anxiety or need prayer, please write below or send me an email at


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