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A Prayer Over Your Life

Dear friend,

I woke up this morning feeling like the Lord just wanted me to write a simple prayer over your life. I pray that you are directed to the heart of God on whatever day you read this and need this prayer.

Holy Spirit,

I pray over the woman reading this right now...I pray that her heart finds a new delight in You alone. I pray that she finds her source of strength while abiding in You. I pray that whatever is heavy on her mind, that You would come and still every anxious thought. May Your precious daughter be reminded today how deeply and extravagantly loved she is by You. May she look to see the beauty within herself that You lavished on her the day she was born. May she look to see the gifts placed within her to encourage others, starting within the walls of her home. May she flee from every temptation to compare herself to anyone else she might look up to...whether that be a sister, a friend or a stranger. Shout so victoriously over her today: YOU ARE ENOUGH, MY DAUGHTER! YOU ARE ENOUGH! May she resist every urge to perfect areas in her life that are meant to be that Your name is glorified. Protect her from the lie that she must hold it all together or else it will fall apart. Create space for her today where she can rest and hear Your words that will sustain her through every season, including this very one she is in right now.



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