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4 Simple ways to serve others outside your family

This blog will be short and sweet.

I've been thinking quite a bit about how to serve others outside our home and wanted to pass along the ideas that came to mind. They are simple but (sweet) and such a great way to tell people around you that they are seen and loved.

1. Make a meal for someone.

And just a little side whisper: ask the Holy Spirit who needs a meal this could be someone you wouldn't normally think of but would take such delight in being noticed.

2. Write an encouraging note and send it snail mail.

I miss the days of snail mail, friends! I used to send so many little notes to friends but as time has gone on, I feel like the art of snail mail has been lost to text messages (which is a far cry from the same thing)

3. Bake bread or cookies and deliver to one your neighbors.

Just to be friendly!

4. Have a prayer box / basket of names on your kitchen table. Write names down of those you and your family can pray for every night at dinnertime.

This is a brand new one to us and will be putting it together today! I feel like this one might be the most important one we do...entering into prayer for our loved ones and people God puts on our hearts to pray for during the year.

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